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Terry CourtneyThe reasons for our starting Aprelion are simple – we love building software, working with a variety of great customers, and living in Western New York. You might say that we built a company out of necessity. There are plenty of local staffing companies and a few large ‘we do everything’ shops, but none dedicated to delivering enterprise, custom software solutions – until now.

At Aprelion, we are completely focused on building solutions to meet measurable business outcomes. It’s not about sending resumes or filling IT seats. It is all about your business goals and the technology projects that will get you there.

From our first conversation, you should see a difference. We will discuss your business objectives, strategic alignment, measurable outcomes, and sponsor expectations. If we believe we can be successful, we will propose services to help. If you chose Aprelion, our entire team will be behind your project.

Our team of consulting Project Managers, Developers, and Analysts are awesome. We don’t have recruiters and we don’t hire strangers. We hire people we know and have worked with – individuals who deliver results. They are personable, passionate, and excited to take on challenging IT initiatives.

We believe, local is better. Our consultants are proud to live and work in your community. They can start early on Monday, stay late on Friday, meet you in person, and they know how to drive in snow.

I am very excited to do things differently. If you need help pushing projects over the finish line and are frustrated with the traditional models, please contact us today.

Best regards,

Terry Courtney

Principal Consultant and Founder
Aprelion, Inc.