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It’s simple. We manage technology programs and projects,
for medium and large companies.

IT groups today are overwhelmed with project demand. CIOs are under tremendous pressure: too many projects, shrinking budgets, short staff, and meeting business expectations. Government mandates and regulations, new business opportunities, external competition, and internal organizational changes all drive unplanned IT project work and shifting priorities.

A recent report from Forrester found that only 39% of business decision makers believe their internal IT organization has the ability to regularly deliver projects on-time and within budget. . The Standish Group followed 3,555 large projects from 2003 to 2012, and found that only 6.4% were successful.

Aprelion is a consulting firm of senior project management and development professionals, capable of delivering a wide variety of technology projects, from start to finish. Clients typically engage our consultants to build and implement software solutions. These engagements may include any of the following responsibilities:

  • Work with executive sponsors to build a business case
  • Gather and document project goals, objectives, and scope
  • Develop measurable metrics to gauge project success
  • Evaluate and facilitate selection of appropriate technology
  • Assemble a project team of internal and external resources
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify and document requirements
  • Write beautiful code, using modern tools and technologies
  • Manage project scope, resources, budget, and expectation
  • Ensure high quality through QA planning, documentation, and testing (manual or automated)
  • Track, mitigate, and escalate project issues and risks
  • Continuously communicate status to executive sponsorship and stakeholders

Industry knowledge and experience can help. We have the most experience working in the following industries.

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Retail

At Aprelion, we are 100% focused on IT software projects. We believe our consultants are the very best.

  • We don’t use recruiters – our consultants recruit other great consultants
  • We only hire program and project managers, so we have plenty of hiring experience
  • Our consultants are career, professional project managers, software developers, and analysts – this is their chosen profession, not something they fell into
  • Our team is local – they root for the same teams, live in the same communities, and can drive in snow
  • We are committed to continuous training and improvement; our consultants attend training, write articles, speak at events, teach others, and participate in relevant online communities

We are proud to be a local consulting firm – living and working in Western New York. Working with local consultants has some advantages.

  • We are more flexible and responsive than larger, national consultancies
  • No time wasted traveling – we can start early Monday and stay late Friday
  • We have a lot in common with your team, and build bond and rapport quickly
  • Little or no travel expenses – sometimes a significant cost savings
  • We can work onsite and meet face-to-face
  • Our local reputation is very important

As the only company in our region completely dedicated to project and program management services, we have a few other differentiators.

  • We engage early to understand your goals and objectives
  • We are trusted advisors that can pull from our years of project consulting experience
  • We mange to measurable outcomes
  • Our entire team is here to support your technology initiatives