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LiquidPlanner is one of the more robust solutions we have looked at, with an enterprise level set of features. The user interface is slick and modern, with lots of drag-drop and right-click menu features.

At a task level, LiquidPlanner is capable of tracking more detail than most comparable solutions. Tasks allow for multiple resources, and separate work estimates for each resource. You can set daily hour limits, to spread work across multiple days for part-time resources. Tasks can also track notes, comments, links, documents, links, dependencies, and lists of sub-tasks.

The user interface uses a split screen, listing projects and tasks on the left, with details in the right pane. The project pane displays tasks using a traditional work breakdown and gnat chart. This interface operates similar to Microsoft Project, allowing users to add, delete, modify, reorganize, and assign project tasks. With the filters above the view, you can look at all projects, or just a subset of projects.

LiquidPlanner will automatically schedule tasks and estimate completion dates based on best/worst case estimates. It also generates status reports with helpful information like remaining hours, percent complete, resource workload, and schedule summary. Project baselines are available to help understand how project schedules has changed over time.

LiquidPlanner has some resource management capabilities. First, you can easily add people to your project; people with LiquidPlanner licensed accounts or virtual resources. After adding resources and assigning tasks, there is a workload view which displays team members and their workload within an upcoming time period. Over allocated resources are clearly indicated. This report can display all resources, or filter by project. LiquidPlanner also has a work remaining report, hour trend report, and date drift report – all designed to help monitor project status and deviation from plan.

Other features include a customizable dashboard, reporting, time tracking, and basic mobile app. Within LiquidPlanner, you can create multiple custom dashboards, choosing from a list of 10 customizable widgets. This is great for creating project specific dashboards. Reporting and analytics are solid, with dozens of customizable project and resource reports.

LiquidPlanner has terrific enterprise level features, but is priced on the high-side when compared to similar products. Furthermore, it does not have a free or less expensive license for people only needing to view and update tasks. Although the feature set is terrific, its pricing model might put it out of reach for smaller teams and companies.


  • Work effort tracking
  • Interactive gantt chart


  • Limited resource planning
  • All users require a license


  • $29/user/month standard
  • $39/user/month professional

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