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Teamwork is a great SaaS project management solution for small-mid sized companies and project teams. Like other products in this category, Teamwork is focused on task management and collaboration, sacrificing some features and complexity of enterprise solutions, for ease of use.

Tasks and task lists are at the core of Teamwork. Within a project, Project Managers create and assign tasks. Team members can review their tasks; add comments, track time, and mark tasks as complete. Tasks can also be associated with project milestones. A calendar view of project milestones gives a nice high-level overview of important project dates.

Teamwork also offers some nice collaborative features that include messaging, document management, notebooks, and team statuses. Statuses are similar to sharing updates on LinkedIn or Facebook, whereby team members can provide a quick, personal status.

Projects within Teamwork are neatly organized by category. Portfolio level views of all projects provide management a very simple status of all projects and tasks at a glance (started, late, upcoming, complete, etc.). Project Managers can also track project risks within Teamwork.

In addition to tracking time, Teamwork includes project billing. When recording their time, hours worked can be flagged as billable. Invoices are created within Teamwork from billable hours and project expenses. Invoices can be saved as PDF, or exported to one of several financial packages, including QuickBooks.

If working remote, Teamwork provides a great mobile application for viewing and updating tasks, messages, statuses, events, and time. You can also connect to multiple instances of Teamwork from within the mobile app.

Teamwork offers several pricing plans, based on number of active projects, with unlimited users. This makes it very cost effective for small companies. Great for mid size project teams, and ideal for organizations delivering external projects.


  • Unlimited users
  • Robust task management
  • Great collaboration
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Risk management
  • Mobile app


  • Limited portfolio level features
  • No resource management
  • No gantt charting or linking tasks
  • No reporting


  • $12/month, 5 active projects
  • $24/month, 12 active projects
  • $49/month, 40 active projects

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