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Top Reasons Why Aprelion is Different

Jim GrahamNo. 1: We Assign The Right Consultant

We know that an inexperienced Program/Project Manager can put project success at risk. We focus on assigning the right PM for you, your business, and your initiative. We do not put a PM on a project just because they are available, they must possess the necessary skill sets to match the project scope, technology, and organizational culture.

No. 2: Clear Project Scope, Definition of Roles, and Definition of Project Success from Day 1
We want the project team to support the project from kick-off to close. We will level-set from the beginning by preparing an overview of the project goals and the organizational significance for the team. We will clarify every team member’s role, how they will be evaluated throughout the project lifecycle, and highlight key milestone areas that will be critical for their involvement. Lastly, we will ensure that the project success criteria is clearly defined, this way all are satisfied at project close.
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