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Jim GrahamNo. 1: We Assign The Right Consultant

We know that an inexperienced Program/Project Manager can put project success at risk. We focus on assigning the right PM for you, your business, and your initiative. We do not put a PM on a project just because they are available, they must possess the necessary skill sets to match the project scope, technology, and organizational culture.

No. 2: Clear Project Scope, Definition of Roles, and Definition of Project Success from Day 1
We want the project team to support the project from kick-off to close. We will level-set from the beginning by preparing an overview of the project goals and the organizational significance for the team. We will clarify every team member’s role, how they will be evaluated throughout the project lifecycle, and highlight key milestone areas that will be critical for their involvement. Lastly, we will ensure that the project success criteria is clearly defined, this way all are satisfied at project close.

No. 3: Consistent Communication
Communication is the key of successful project management and keeps the project flowing. We will send regular status reports, coordinate scheduled team meetings, update portfolio metrics, and ensure everyone knows their role and responsibilities. We’re also not afraid to give bad news. If issues do arise during the project, we will quickly escalate when needed.

No. 4: We are Scope Wranglers
When a project does not have a specific scope or it is too ambiguous/subject to interpretation, it is doomed to fail. The project scope must be ultra-clear to all project stakeholders and changes to the scope must be monitored closely. We track all changes regardless of size and measure the impact to the project schedule, budget, and resources and ensure that there is stakeholder approval for each.

No. 5: We Believe in Project Honesty
It is easy to provide a customer with aggressive and overly optimistic schedules; we know that it will make them happy. That happiness is only a short-term gain that will result in long-term distrust and aggravation. We are honest with schedules, budget, issues, and risk, from the start.

No. 6: We are Flexible
While we are Scope Wranglers it doesn’t mean that we are not open to new information that may be discovered along the way. During our project reviews we will always be open to suggestions that will help the project.

No. 7: We have a PM Utility Belt
We can use your tools, or ours. We have a robust project management methodology and toolset at your disposal. And, you’re welcome to incorporate any of our best practices, tools, templates, etc. into your own methodology.

No. 8: We Manage to Measurable Outcome
Early in our process, we will ask how you plan to measure the success of your initiative, and throughout the project we will manage to your measurable metrics.

No. 9: We Hire Awesome PMs
We have many years of Program and Project Management experience in the Buffalo area, and we know who the great PMs are. We proactively network and recruit the best.

No. 10: We Only Do Project Management
Our entire company and business model is focused on helping clients successfully complete projects. It’s all we do.



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